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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  October 3, 2012 5:00pm-5:55pm PDT

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bret baier and megyn kelly will be back about an hour from now for our coverage of the first presidential debate and i will see you down the dial on the fox broadcast network on your local stations. of course, mr. bill o'reilly is first and just ask him, it's the most important. >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. >> tells me somehow the people down in new orleans they don't care about as much. >> >> bill: two tapes surface showing president obama appealing to racial and class divisions. will they be a factor in tonight's debate? carl rove and dick morris on that. >> obama win? i hope so. >> bill: the vendsen dictator chavez endorsing president obama. dennis miller has some thoughts on the wisdom of that also tonight, what both candidates should say in order to win the denver debated this
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evening. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. president obama talking race and class in a very provocative way. will that be an issue in tonight's debate? that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. the conservative daily caller web site released a full tape of then senator obama speaking to a group of black ministers at hampton university in virginia back in 2007. playing to that crowd, mr. obama brought up unfairness in the wake of hurricane katrina. he cited the stafford act which requires areas that receive federal assistance to pay 10% of what they use. however, when florida was hit by hurricane andrew and new york city by the terror attack on 9/11.
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the stafford act was waived. but in new orleans, after katrina, president bush waived the act for just 60 days. angering mr. obama and others. >> when 9/11 happened in new york city, they waived the stafford act. said this is too serious a problem. we can't expect new york city to rebuild on its own. forget that dollar you have got to put in. here is $10. and that was the right thing to do. when hurricane andrew struck in florida, people said look at this devastation. we don't expect to you come up with your own money here. here's the money to rebuild. we are not going to wait for you to scratch it together because you are part of the american family. what's happening down in new orleans? where is your dollar? where is your stafford act money? makes no sense. tells me the bullet hasn't
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been taken out. [ applause ] tells me that somehow the people down in new orleans, they don't care about as much. >> bill: now, when mr. obama refers to the people down in new orleans, he is obviously referring to african-americans and taking the bullet out is racial code. thereby, mr. obama injected race into the debate. by the way, in the end new orleans might not have paid anything under the stafford act. the situation is so muddled it's hard to know. you decide the validity of mr. obama's comments. here is the key question tonight. should mid romney refer to that race tape in order to demonstrate how the president is being divisive. the governor might also point to his speech he gave in 2002 when he went after wealthy americans.
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>> bill: that speech was at the university of chicago on martin luther king day. mr. obama framing his argument that day around the enron debacle where working americans got hosed by corporate gangsters. but once again the president used class warfare to make his points and he is right. the rich don't want people to take their stuff because the government has no right to do that. today, the obama campaign lashed out against the katrina criticism. >> mitt romney's allies in a desperate attempt to change
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the subject from a video in which mitt romney wrote off half of the american people are circulating a video that was covered by the campaign press corps at that time. i have got to tell you, if the romney campaign thinks this is what americans are looking for tonight in place of plans for the middle class, they are in for a surprise. >> so you are saying this speech is no big deal then? >> well, i don't think anybody anies that the government's response to katrina was sufficient. >> bill: it's not about katrina. it's about how you frame your criticisms. again, you can decide whether the president's rhetoric is acceptable or not. but again the key question becomes would it be smart for mitt romney it bring this up in the debate tonight. you know the president is going to hammer the governor over 47% remark. the campaign just did that you know it's going to happen again tonight. talking points believes mr. romney should, should point out that mr. obama used
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divisive rhetoric. that's true he has done that. will voters respond to that. some will. the casual voter may alcoholic it up to politics as usual. sos same old stuff. both romney and obama were speaking to the choir when they made controversial statements. they were whipping up the crowd. many romney supporters resent the fact that the nanny state is growing stronger in america. on the race front, polls show more than 90% of african-americans continue to support the president and truth be told he has not used race while governing this country. but there is no question that in that virginia speech, he did say that black americans in new orleans were treated badly simply because they were black. the problem for mr. obama is that's debatable. it's not a fact unless you are spike lee. the presidential debate this evening should be a passionate display. he has to call out barack
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obama on the muddled economy. the governor has to do that in. when that happens, the president will lash back pinning romney as ruthless rich guy who wants to exploit working americans. i can't imagine romney is going to take that without a stinging come back. the debate has a potential of being rowdy. i want to see these guys go after each other. they are so dramatically apart in belief systems. every american should understand the huge gap. the pressure is on mitt romney tonight but he has plenty of verbal ammunition. in less than an hour, we will see if he uses it and that's the memo. in a moment, carl rove, dick morris, kirsten powers, leslie marshall and dennis miller will all weigh in on the debate this evening. the factor will be back after these messages. [ male announcer ] you are a business pro.
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>> bill: continuing now with lead story, big debate in denver, colorado. joining us from little rock, arkansas fox news analyst carl rove. covered by the territory there. >> there are couple comments laid out there. you said that president bush waived the stafford act requirement for 60 days? no, 16 months. there was north of $140 billion of assistance. president bush waived the requirement for debris
5:11 pm
removal, emergency assistance for 16 months. some of the assistance at louisiana and mississippi received had no stafford act requirement. for example, there is $20 billion for housing. no requirement that the state put up a 10% match. there was $14 billion in targeted tax relief. again, no requirements. >> bill: all of this stuff and by the way we got these stats from our brain room of researchers. this shows you how complicated it is i'm not questioning you because you were there. however, here is the key question. is barack obama making this stuff up is he fabricating this deal? >> mississippi required to pay 10% on everything and this was not waived. that's simply not true. >> the people in florida and new york city were given presidential preferential treatment. because new orleans is a black town they were hosed.
5:12 pm
>> remember, the people -- the entity that pays the money the stafford match is the state. the state of louisiana was running a billion-dollar a year surplus. >> you are going wonky on me now. >> no the they say you are picking on new orleans. it's not the new orleans that pays it's the state. two things the state is required to pay for. $19 billion put in into new live construction and the state was required to put up 10% of that but they were given 30 years to pay their had $12.1 billion. >> bill: let's assume whatever you are saying, so this is all bogus. let's assume for the sake of argument that barack obama didn't know what he was talking about. >> he he wasn't. he didn't know what he was talking about. >> bill: that doesn't matter though. for tonight, it doesn't matter. because what the president clearly did back then when he was a senator was he used a wedge issue that you say he totally botched, didn't know what he was talking about to
5:13 pm
insight. >> racial animosity. >> he may have known or the facts. he may not have known the facts. what he did do is step over the line by intimating that the city of new orleans had been treated in a bigoted fashion. the city of new orleans city of mostly black people is being forced to pay the 10% stafford match when it's not the city of new orleans that pays it it's the state of louisiana. not only that but, look, last time i looked, the city of new york is a racially diverse town. and miami is a racially diverse town. and why is he saying, you know. >> bill: because he wanted to whip up the crowd. >> absolutely. reprehensible that he did that. shame on him. >> bill: you say it's represent prehence cybil. you are an opponent of his. tonight you have the nation and they are watching mitt romney. does mitt romney walk out there and go: i can't believe what i saw on that teenagers the president of the united states pandering to racial
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emotion, using false facts to do it, this is outrageous. explain yourself, mr. president. does romney do that? >> well, look, it all depends on whether or not the subject is brought up by the moderator. >> bill: no, no, no. he can bring it up anymoreself. you know that. >> it looks like he a stretch if he does it either an specific question by lehrer or specific question by obama or generalize. >> obama says 47% hold it, don't take mayor of los angeles comment out of tape out of context on a tape. i heard you saying bing bing bing bing bing. didn't look like it's tit-for-tat. he has got to look for opening more subtle than that. that's too obvious. he needs to be presidential. when he brings it up he needs to bring it up i'm wired up about. this he doesn't need to bring it up in -- he needs to bring it up in sorrow and regret. you raised this incident in a way that was racially charged stirring up animosity.
5:15 pm
>> bill: he has to rise above. >> absolutely. he he needs to be presidential. he needs to be nor o'reilly or rove on this issue because both of us are too spun up about it. >> bill: okay. two minutes left in this segment. what is the most important thing that mitt romney has to do tonight? >> if you make me pick one, it is to give the american people a sense of what it is that he is going to do so they walk away saying he has got a practical common sense set of answers to the problems we fay faces a a country. in a debate you never get to do one thing. let me suggest three. that's one of them. second, he he needs to strike a presidential tone. he needs to look more like the guy in the oval office than the guy who was there. third, he he needs to in the right way call out president obama on both his record and on his misstatements. he needs to -- not every misstatement. not every part of his record. he needs to pick his targets carefully. he needs to look like is he strong and convincing and that he he has got a whistle to
5:16 pm
call the whistle. turn the president's words back on him when it comes to the president's failures in office. >> bill: i'm hearing from you that you want to see governor romney be a little bit dispassionate rising above very in control. not really showing a lot of emotion here. >> i want him to be compassionate, energetic, determined, somebody who looks presidential. >> bill: this is what i would do which you have already told romney not to do. i look at him down the line you know, i'm tired of this, mr. president. i'm really tired of you trying to paint me as somebody who wants who hurt working americans. that's just a lie and you know it's a lie. and you are spreading it around. and i'm tired of it that's what i would do. >> in politics you have got to be careful about the word lie. everybody expects politicians to stretch the truth. when you call him on a lie you have got to be careful about
5:17 pm
using the word lie. mr. president, with all due respect you know that's not true. and why you keep saying it is beyond me because here are the facts and set out the facts. >> you are not going to hit him right between the eyes. >> when you do that you are hitting him between the eyes but not just taking a back to hill. you need to walk out of this thing you are strong, you have got conviction and i can see you being the president of the united states. you won debating points tonight by bludgeoning your opponent. directly ahead two democrats will respond to carl rove and my talking points memo. later, morris and miller warming up in the bullpen and we're coming right back. breathe, and how that feels. copd includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema. spiriva helps control my copd symptoms by keeping my airways open for 24 hours. plus, it reduces copd flare-ups. spiriva is the only once-daily
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continuing now with the presidential debate in denver,
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colorado. joining us from los angeles leslie marshall and from denver kirsten powers fox news analyst. kirsten, begin with you. what about the tape, two of them. should the governor inject that into tonight's debate. >> i think if he brought up race as an issue, it would actually be an unmitigated disaster. and one of the issues with these tapes is that they are so old, first of all obama now has a four year record, actually that romney should be focusing on and he should be talking completely about the economy. and if he wants to go back to some 4-year-old tape where obama said something and tried to convince americans that president obama is some sort of race monger. i think it would back fire. >> what if president obama and we believe he dual that leslie says you are trying to divide americans 47%. you don't believe they are worthy. it seems to me fairly powerful
5:22 pm
defense saying wait a minute. taking my remarks out of context. you said this about race. you said this about wealthy people. no, yes? is that a shield he should use? i don't think mitt romney should bring up anything with race. he should clarify 47% remark. i think because tonight is really about trying to get back some of that small lead that the president has and trying to close that gap in the polls that the president is leading by right now. that is what mitt romney needs to accomplish tonight with the people watching. those that are already going to vote for mitt romney and those especially in the african-american community with approximately 90% lead by the president are going to vote for the president. i think it will be political suicide. i think it would be disaster. it doesn't help likability. >> bill: i'm a lonely guy tonight. everybody disagree. rove says oh, no, no, no. i would do it. i would do it if i were romney. i wouldn't bring it up say,
5:23 pm
you know, like right out of the box. but as soon as the president is -- you are a person who doesn't really want to represent all america, guy are you kidding me? i go are you kidding me? you are saying that to me? and bang, bang, bang. and i would do it. do you expect, kirsten, passion like i bring or are we going to have pinheaded stuff like pbs does? what are we going to have? we're not going to have passion as you call it, whatever it is that you have. >> none of that. >> look, it's supposed to be all on the economy so i think it's probably going to be, you know, pretty straightforward. hopefully a difficult question holding obama accountable and making him account for his record. >> bill: are you talking about this debate or it's undebated in the land of oz? don't you guys get it? it doesn't matter what lehrer asks. they are north going to answer
5:24 pm
that question. neither of them are going to answer it. they are going to -- they have been rehearsing. what do you think they have been rehearsing over the past three months? they have got all their little answers and they will spit them out no matter what he asks, leslie. >> i don't disagree with you there, bill. definitely this is something. >> bill: we're north going to get any straightforward answers. >> i don't agree with you there though. i don't agree with you there. >> bill: hold on. i'm lehrer, okay? i have got to age about 20 years but that's all right. i can do that here is what i say to president obama. mr. president ', you lost the economy when you basically threw in with the big government and the big government taking over the private sector the bailout and the this and the that, it didn't work. what are you going to change or are imug to keep doing big government spending?
5:25 pm
and i need a real concise answer on that. that's what i would do. >> if i were the president, i would say this is the amount of jobs we were losing. this is the amount of jobs that we're gaining. look at manufacturing. look at general motors. >> okay. but we're not, leslie. we are not gaining just as many jobs. but that's not true. so lehrer then would be forced to say if that were true, mr. president, unemployment would be coming down, and it isn't. it's staying the same. so you can do a three card monty and say you are creating this and that, but the stat is the stat. it's 8.1 or whatever, 1 or 2%. and that's where it's holding. you see, this is where we are not going to get tonight and we lost kirsten. we are not ignoring kirsten by the way. this is what happens when you do live television. the satellite, a martian attacked it, so we have to kill that martian and then kirsten will come back. but for now it's just leslie marshall and o'reilly.
5:26 pm
>> you know, bill because she was wearing red. >> bill: i don't want to be cynical. if mitt romney doesn't take it to the president tonight, i think that the obama machine will win. got to take it to him? >> i don't agree with you there, bill and this is why. the lack of connectivity that mitt romney has with the american public especially the middle class in which the decide majoritied are if he needs to have that likability. if he goes after the president too strongly he will sacrifice that likability. up like you, bill, he cannot be passionate and emotional and likeable at the same time. >> bill: he has got to be likeable. do you want him to come out and juggle? bring a puppet out? hello, hello, i like mitt romney. you guys are both crazy. he has got to come out and take it to him. this country is in bad shape. he has got to get that across. he has to. if he doesn't doesn't, him and
5:27 pm
the puppet are going to loose that's what's going o-to-happen recommendation it's very scary i'm agreeing with carl rove on this. when we look back to the kerry bush debate they liked bush better and he he won. >> bill: have you got to be firm. wherever you are kirsten in space i hope you are save. big debate in denver will commence shortly. we will take you out there, we hope. talk to the correspondents ed henry and carl cammeron. before that, dick morris and dennis miller will weigh in and we hope you stay tuned for those reports. and chantix helped me quit. i honestly loved smoking, and i honestly didn't think i would ever quit. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix is proven to help people quit smoking. it reduces the urge to smoke. it put me at ease that you could smoke on the first week. [ male announcer ] some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. if you notice any of these
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whatever your business challenge, dell has the technology and services to help you solve it. >> bill: continuing now with the special edition of the factor. preview of the. purveyor of dick mr. morris. was miewrch daily tracking, a poll we trust has mr. obama up by 2 today which is a dead heat with the margin of error. >> right. >> bill: i'm standing alone tonight. everybody is saying mitt romney cannot bring it to the president with emotion and passion. you agree? >> i do not believe that he should raise the tape. i think that he should find a way to mention the tape in the context of something somebody else does. the 47% would be a good entry. >> bill: when i said he should use that as a shield. >> i agree with that the big reason you mention the tape is to force the mainstream media to play it. to my knowledge, this is not. >> bill: they are doing what they always do.
5:31 pm
>> this has not been played on the nightly news of the three stations that i know of. >> they haven't covered the campaign really at the nightly news level. >> if he alludes to it they have to cover it and so do the news media because he has alluded to it in the debate and the viewers will want it. there are three large things he has to do tonight. number one, he is falling behind in a number of the swing states because of the range of personal attacks obama made on him. largely on his business career. and he should have been answering those in ads but he has to answer them in this debate. he has to explain what the kay men islands is. he has to explain the 47%. when he does that he will completely dismiss obama's campaign to date. >> so you believe that his explanation of his tax shelters and whatever will just put it to rest. >> yes. first heed you is say about the kay men islands bill and hillary clinton claim $200,000 of foreign tax credits in
5:32 pm
2006. that's more than i did. >> bill: he has got it say to the people these criticisms will -- okay for the secretary of state by isn't it okay for me. >> bill: you said something very interesting. you said that he has pulse ahead in the swing tates last time you said he wasn't. >> i said just the opposite. falling behind. -- that is true i think the polls are rest. i just went through it if you take ohio, florida and virginia, you combine them, the exit polls from the last four elections have a 1 point democratic skew. the polling that has been done in the month of september in those three states has an 8 point democratic skew. >> bill: i know that. >> a 7 point -- >> bill: are you holding to what you said here last week whereas you don't believe these polls, you think that they are consciously -- remember what you said was
5:33 pm
done deliberately to put the president ahead in a psychological way. are you still holding to that? >> i do. >> bill: if the election were held tomorrow in like ohio where romney is up by 8. >> romney -- ohio would be too close to call. we would win florida. romney would win florida and virginia relatively handily. >> get back to the points on the debate. >> this race has been about little tiny things, little moves. what romney needs to do is to make it about the big things because on the big things, the american people agree with him. do you want more spending or less? do you want more government or less? do you want more regulation or less? do you want more oil drilling or not? these are the ultimate questions that we have been debating for two years. the american people have spoken on them repeatedly in polling and in the off year election. romney needs to raise these
5:34 pm
and say these are the fundamental issues in the election. >> bill: all right. have you got 90 minutes in this election. the first half of it is going to be on the economy. then there is something about governance, you negotiation philosophy this wishy washing stuff is not going to amount to anything. the economy is going to be everything. how much does mitt romney promote himself and how much does he attack his proponent. put a percentage on it. romney has a lot of air time tonight and make his points. how much does he point out what i'm going to do and how much does he attack what the president has done. >> on a percentage 2 to 1 what i'm going to do. because he already has a large enough reservoir of voters to ho have rejected barack obama. romney vote plus the undecided vote in every poll is well over 50. what he has got to do is convince those undecides that he is the guy to do it. >> bill: 2 to 1 positive rather than negative. >> the third thing he has to
5:35 pm
do which he probably does in the governance debate maybe in the economy debate, he has got to put obama care back into this election. this election has to be about two things. the economy and obama care. that's the import of of the ruling. can't get rid of obama care until you get rid of obama. he needs to talk about that. he has largely given obama a buy on that. >> that's because obama is going to say you were the model for obama care in massachusetts. then you are going to get back into this you did this, no i didn't. yes and. no. >> no, you are not. the big thing about obama care is that it sets up a board that tells the elderly what treatment they request get he in their number of years remaining. no, you can't get a heart transplant. you can't get a knee replacement. >> unless you buy it on your own. is that different from massachusetts. >> yeah. there is nothing like that in
5:36 pm
massachusetts. >> bill: got to point out two things. one is not enough. look, this separates me from what i did and my people up there is what you did. you have a fascist death board. would you call it that? a fascist death board? >> a board of 15 unelected democrats. >> bill: who is going to kill granny if they don't think it's worth it to keep her aleifer. >> i have one fact for you. >> bill: you dodged my question. would you put it in those stark terms? >> no. i would say you have 15 unelected bureaucrats. >> bill: keep a pinhead pos you are. -- posture. >> 'polite one ever your p's. >> i don't know if polite is going to cut it anymore, morris. >> i looked how much was given by the federal government to katrina, to andrew and to 9/11. >> bill: yeah. >> the fact is that more aide -- that katrina got twice as much aid as andrew and 9/11 combined. >> bill: okay.
5:37 pm
but, then he would have to bring that up in relation to the tape. >> i think there will be plenty of chances for him to bring it up and he should because he has to force the mainstream media to cover it. >> hang on a second we will try to go to denver and go to our guys out there. we will bring in dennis miller. we will keep morris around in case something else crashes. miller, the d man, i up next.
5:38 pm
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>> bill o'reilly miller time segment this evening. go right to the sage of southern california. southern santa barbara. i know you are rooting for mitt romney tonight. what's your advice for him? >> at the beginning i think he should come out and say listen, mr. president. keep this above board if you promise to meet me i will promise not to be nasty with you like joe biden does. that way i would keep it above board. biden is doing more harm than anybody to the president. this guy is shakier to jinga tower. i think mitt romney is doing great. i know everybody else is bummed out. guess what? i have seen the light. he is either even or within the range of error and most of
5:41 pm
these things for men who has been defied. to say the press swoon over him. they will nitpick my guy out the wazoo. i'm telling you 35 days out this cat is in good shape. whatever is he doing i think he should keep doing it. >> bill: okay. rasmussen has him pretty much tied if you have the margin of error put in. >> that's mind boggling. >> bill: the point is well taken. with the press rooting for the president and with the money that the president has on attack ads for romney still to be close but the problem is in places like ohio and falling behind and ba ba ba ba ba. everybody thinks i'm crazy. down the line. rove, kirsten powers. leslie marshall, the whole bunch. i come out and show a little emotion.
5:42 pm
you know what? i hope americans know how bad this country, what kind of shape we are in now. i hope they understand that here the economy is awful and overseas they don't know what they are doing over there i just think that that would work with the independents. and everybody says oh no, no, no, no, no. he has to come in and very senatorial. i don't know. i don't know if that's going to cut it tonight. >> listen, i don't think he has ever been a senator. has he? >> senatorial is a word, miller. it's a word --ward of the day. >> he can't bring that video up and he doesn't have to. that video is going to resonate. it's obvious now to most of us that barack obama, if the chip on his shoulder was any bigger it would be in michael moore's bring -- pringle can, all right? the guy is angry. he doesn't have to bring it up. he says i didn't see it i'm
5:43 pm
too busy trying to save this country. if he does want to show emotion save it for the closing argument and look straight into the camera at the end and say listen, it is broken and i can fix it, damn it. >> bill: now we are getting some place. >> if he says it damn it, it's like rhett butler saying damn it. it's a clean move and it resonates at the end. >> bill: a lot of evangelicals don't want to hear that word you know that so maybe he says i was gonna say it but i won't out of respect for everyone. now, if he gets attacked, which i think he will on the 47% comment, all right? then i say the tapes on barack obama shield. you put that up as a shield. wait a minute, hold it. are you talking to me like taxy. remember taxi driver? are you talking to me? there is nobody else here. you must be talking to me. what about that? that kind of takes that whole issue off the table that divisiveness that the president is going to try to point out that mitt romney is a divisive guy and doesn't
5:44 pm
care about the 47%. >> he should say let's put it this way, mr. president, when i'm alone in a room, i speak to 53% of the country. when you are alone in a room it would appear that you speak to 14% of the country if you want to play games like that. >> bill: would you play that game though? would you play that game? >> you didn't ask me that you asked me if he brought that up first. yeah. >> bill: that's what i'm talking about. is he going to bring it up. you know the 47% is coming. would you go back with the 14%? would you go back with it? >> no. >> because i think mitt romney is winning, bill. i don't believe the polls. i don't believe the hacks. i think he is in great shape. i think this president is so bad at this job guy goes out there and looks comfortable for god's sake. huckster guy like is.
5:45 pm
>> one thing that could put it over the top for barack obama is this, roll the tape. >> obama. >> obama win? i hope so. i'm going to say something and maybe they will pick it up and i hope it doesn't hurt obama? >> if i were from the united states, i would vote for obama. >> now has endorsement, the president? >> these guys who get cancer down in those beef countries only guys i know who get fatter after they get cancer. i would say this. i think -- i don't think chavez is serious about that because i think that obama is too socialist for hugo chavez. i don't think he would actually pull the lever for him. >> bill: wait a minute. so he is too far left. the president is too far left for hugo? >> chavez isn't that far gone. i would also say this. i think that barack obama, you know, hugo chavez could come to the united states and vote
5:46 pm
for barack obama, but barack obama couldn't go to venezuela and vote for hugo chavez because they have voter i.d. laws in venezuela. >> bill: has to show an i.d. if he goes to pennsylvania. >> he could come over here and tell everybody he is with the -- we're with the amish people. >> bill: i would register under the name lian o'malley. >> the o'malley factor. >> you don't look like an o'malley. the interpreter would say i'm liam. >> and if you said i don't believe that you would be a racist. that's where we have come to in this country. >> let liam vote. that's how crazy it has gotten. >> bill: dennis miller, everybody. and the d-man and i would like to thank you all. the bolder fresher shows have all sold out. added matinee in houston november 24th. some salt lake city show
5:47 pm
september 28th. can you see what you are going to get here check it out on bill o' take you out to denver where our correspondents ed henry and carl cammeron are standing by to set the debate scene up next.
5:48 pm
5:49 pm
5:50 pm
>> bill: back of the book segment tonight. big presidential debate in denver just minutes away. let's go out to colorado where carl cammeron and ed henry are standing by. ed, you cover the president every day what's the word on his demeanor tonight? >> bill, i spoke a short time ago. two different people have been with the president today in denver over the past few hours. they insist he is the calmest, coolest guy in the room. is he not showing any apprehension about getting on the stage tonight for the first time with mitt romney. i spoke to a third person who is with the president in nevada in do that debate prep three days of intensive john kerry playing mitt romney. other staffers in the room firing questions saying you failed at this. you failed at that this person told me the president was answering every question. wasn't getting angry, wasn't losing his temper or his cool. look, it's one thing to have people around you in your orbit throwing quote, unquote fast balls at you, a whole different thing to be with mitt romney getting his first chance face to face to take the president on directly. we will see how hard he is in that realm number one. but, number two, i will tell
5:51 pm
you i have also spoken with some the president's advisors who admit privately they have some apprehension about the fact that this is the first time they have been on the same stage. they have looked at the tapes from the last 20 or 30 years. if you look at it almost every time in the first debate the challenger wins because they have got the incumbent's record to pick apart. they are apprehensive about that because they know there is a lot that mitt romney can can pick on, bill. >> bill: as far as the governor is concerned, cammeron have you spent a lot of time with him any inside baseball tonight? i have super inside. talking about the stack so shaky on top of a jack hammer that being joe biden. mitt romney and his sons were back stage playing jinga in the run up to the start of the debate. mr. romney took it very easy. he did meet with senior staffers very easy. calming distractions and trying to relax what is going
5:52 pm
to be biggest audience and biggest night and biggest opportunity to really display what he can offer to the nation. and contrast it to president obama. peanut butter and honey was the meal of the day and went to the cheesecake factory all about not drilling, not doing the q and a type of stuff president obama did today. romney campaign wants to make sure he doesn't leave it in the locker room. they want him to show up at the debate. >> bill: the president and mrs. obama's anniversary, right, ed? >> it is, indeed. >> bill: happy anniversary to the first couple. 20 years they have been married? >> the president's staff says since they're not going to get a chance to celebrate tonight because it's pretty intensive night tonight. they are having other plans to deal with it tweeting each other today on twitter how much they love each other. it's a nice soft opportunity for the president to highlight his marriage. i seem to remember at the republic convention mitt romney and ann romney talking about their marriage as one of the best moments as well. >> bill: i'm going to make a prediction to henry and to
5:53 pm
cammeron. ready for my prediction? >> romney will wish the couple happy anniversary. one of the first thing he does. >> no question about it. couple family things about rom mr. romney you should note too. one thing he does is immediately makes contact with his wife in the audience when he takes the podium. next thing he does he writes the letters dad dad for his father on the note pad. what you say can matter. there is awful lot of talk how romney has never forgotten that his father's presidential campaign was derailed by misstatement being brain washed by the vietnam war. that left a mark. he is super cautious about what he says. all the rehearsing and all of that sever o since of calm all his aides have described. we that ride the plane have seen. not about the consultants and super pacs and background noise that comes with the presidential campaign. it's now on his soldiers. he either has to perform orer he won't. >> bill: both of these guys this is like an olympic, you know, competition.
5:54 pm
they either do it or they don't. both of them will do it. it just depends to what extent. ed, real quickly, president obama goes where right after the debate and where does mitt romney go? what happens right after? what do they do? >> the president is immediately going to do a rally here tomorrow morning in denver. colorado obviously a swing state. then is he going to go back to washington and have an event in virginia on friday morning. another battleground and then on to ohio. all these obviously key states. mitt romney is going to be in virginia over the next 24 to 36 hours as carl will tell you. they are going to be the same places they have been doing that for several states now. >> bill: all right, gentlemen. good job. thank you very much. we appreciate it and that's it for us tonight. we're going to bail out a little bit early here so we can go out to our hard news people in denver, colorado. as always, we thank you very much for watching us. now, tomorrow, we're going to have a -- i'm not even going to say it i was going to say